Community Prayer


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As a Church community, HNOJ prays. Whether it's gathering for Mass or faith formation, a meeting or to learn at HNOJ school, the people of HNOJ are at prayer. 

We do this because we know that the source of our life, faith, and grace is Jesus Christ. We do life better when we pray. 

HNOJ Community Prayer

What is Community Prayer?
Community Prayer is a monthly email with simple, clear prayer intentions from HNOJ to you. You print out the single sheet of prayer intentions and pray them when and with whom makes sense to your prayer practice. 

How does it work?
At the beginning of each month you will receive an email with a single sheet of prayers that our entire community will be praying together for the month. You can pray throug the intentions with family, friends, or in your personal prayer time. 

Where do we pray? Do we meet up?
You will pray wherever works best. Some families will pray at home or in the car or waiting for a vollyball game to start - wherever works best. Some may choose to come to HNOJ and pray in the Church. There is NO obligation to gather as a larger group of families for prayer. We won't be holding weekly gatherings of families. You pray when and where is most convienent. 

When does Community Prayer start and end?
You will receive your first email on Sept 15th and are planning on concluding with the month of May (though summer is a great time to pray too!)

It's later in the year and I want to start praying with my family is that okay?
Yes! You can join Community Prayer at anytime during the year. Simply sign up and you will begin to receive emails. 

How do I sign up?
Easy. Fill out the form to begin receiving Comminuty Prayer