College Life

HNOJ's College Life is for all college aged young adults looking for a way to continue to grow closer to Christ.

It's tough. Most college environment don't foster true disciplehship. Many of our friends aren't going to church or practicing their faith in any meaningful way. 
So how do we stay close to Christ? Just like we always have, return to Him in prayer and study. 

This summer at HNOJ, College students from all over the country are coming home to reconnect this summer through HNOJ College Life
Through community life, prayer, and simple study, we are going to feed our souls and look upon the God who looks upon us. 

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22 - KICKOFF Potluck at Parker's Lake 7 p.m.

5 - at HNOJ in Emmaus ABCD
12 - Off campus
19 - Eucharistic Adoration at HNOJ
26 - at HNOJ in Emmaus ABCD

10 - at HNOJ in Emmaus ABCD
17 - Eucharistic Emmaus ABCD
24 - at HNOJ in Emmaus ABCD
31 - at HNOJ in Emmaus ABCD

7 - Off Campus - Bascilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis 
14 - New Freshmen Dinner
21 - Casual Hangout TBD

No registration needed for COLLEGE LIFE KICKOFF on May 22 at Parker's Lake. Invite someone else and show up. 
We will chat about the summer, share a vision for College Life, and get excited for a summer together. 

Questions? email Chris or DM him on Twitter or Facebook

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