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Each year Holy Name of Jesus high school teens can apply to go on a mission trip to the Neustros Pequeños Hermanos Orphanage in Mexico. This is an awesome experience that helps teens grow in their relationship with Jesus and helps the orphanage. You can get a glimpse of one teen’s experience at NPH in the reprinted article, “The Children Who Change Our Lives,” on this page.

Although it is too late to join the 2017 mission trip, there are still many ways you can help. Read on for options and also check out our webpage www.hnoj.org/NPH for updates.

**New** NPH Needs Craft Supplies  The teens will conduct VBS for about 80 children, ages 5-10.  They would love donations of: New, short-sleeved white children's undershirts, stickers, pipe cleaners, plastic beads, white paper plates, sheets of craft foam, embroidery floss, yarn, popsicle sticks, baby wipes an scotch tape.  These items may be brought to the parish office by July 16.

NPH Needs Beanie Babies Looking for a home for your old beanie babies or small stuffed animals? A group of high school students will be putting on skits and songs using beanie babies at the orphanage in Mexico! When we finish our vacation bible school (in August) the children in Mexico will continue to love these donated furry friends! There will be a bag in the church foyer where you can leave your donated items-Thanks and God bless-Anne Laughlin 952-215-7786 

NPH Needs Large Suitcases Each participant traveling to NPH brings a carry on with their own clothes and a suitcase packed with donations and VBS supplies. The large suitcase is then left with the orphanage. Donations of large suitcases can be brought to Holy Name of Jesus anytime in June.

Elementary Dance Camp If you have girls entering grade 1-6, you may be interested in the Dance Camp fundraiser that takes place July 12-14 at HNOJ. This camp is led by past and present members of the Wayzata High School Dance Team. Information and registration form are available at the parish office and online at www.hnoj.org/NPH.

Elementary Boys Camp HNOJ youth and adults involved with the NPH trip lead a Boys camp July 19-21. Proceeds from this camp benefit the orphanage as well. Information and registration form are available at the parish office and online at www.hnoj.org/NPH.

Holiday Gas Station BBQ & Car Wash On July 18, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. you will find the NPH trip group at the Holiday Gas Station on Rockford Road and 55 serving up hotdogs and hamburgers during the lunch hour. All proceeds from food sales and car washes during this time frame go directly to the orphanage.

Other Donations Donations of items for the orphanage are also welcome. Here is a list of suggested items:
-Croc-style sandles - sizes 4,5,6,7 (US)
-school supplies (blue and black pens, pencils, erasers, lined paper notebooks, large grid paper notebooks)
-boy/girl underwear; boxers for older boys
-boy/girl shirts (US sizes 6-12)
-male and female deodorants
-books in Spanish (children's fiction, young adult fiction, adult fiction, reference books for research at university level, English/Spanish dictionaries, self-esteem and personal growth for young adults, lives of saints)

Special Collection A special collection for the NPH orphanage will be offered July 22-23. Give directly online to this collection at https://hnoj.weshareonline.org/NPHSecondCollection.


The Children Who Change Our Lives

By Claire Patnode,  (Reprinted from May 2016 Newsletter)

As the crowded bus full of excited teens rolled through the streets of Miacatlán, Mexico, faces pressed up against the windows, anxiously awaiting arrival. And then we saw it. The wall. A beautiful mural painted across the wall encompassing and protecting the children of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos. The beautiful barrier symbolized the unique relationship taking place within. The wall did not give off the presence of an orphanage but rather the persona of a family bond.
As the vehicle squeezed through the entrance gates, a beautiful scene scanned our eyes. We saw trees, gardens and children. We heard laughter, shouts of joy and the pitter-patter of feet running to-and-fro. We smelled hot rolls, the fresh rain and the fields growing behind the house.
As we drove down the way toward the center of the home, I quickly searched the crowds of little ones looking for one, sweet, round face. I had the privilege to visit the home the previous year and while on the trip I had connected with a young girl named Edith. Upon returning back to the States I contacted NPH representatives and began to sponsor Edith, helping pay for her education, simple necessities and other funds. I was also given the opportunity to write to Edith during our time apart. Every month I received an envelope covered in markers and drawings of us, animals, flowers and an assortment of foods.
Those letters filled with her little handwriting were folded inside my backpack now as the bus slowed. We all filed out of the bus and began unloading the suitcases filled with donations Holy Name of Jesus members had collected. The children gathered around us and helped unload. The faces of all lightened as the children’s gratitude became visible. Their appreciation for everything that Holy Name of Jesus was able to collect (shoes, clothes, toys, sports gear, coats, toothpaste, toothbrushes, coloring books, markers, pencils, etc.) was eye opening.
And then, I saw her. The moment was all too movie-like as I ran out to meet her and enveloped her in a mother-bear hug. Throughout the week, Edith introduced me to her three sisters and her brother and showed me her life at NPH. Her joy was insurmountable. Edith and her siblings had been through so much, at such a young age, and yet one would never know. Each child at the home cherishes each day and wakes up ready to share their sunshine.
Although HNOJ teens travel to the home each year to put on Sunday School performances, spend time with the children, and bring Christ to them, it always turns out the opposite. Ask any teen, from any year, and they will agree that the children are the one’s who change our lives. Each member connects personally to children at NPH and each member witnesses the love of Christ through the children they encounter. The opportunity that Holy Name of Jesus gives to young adults is priceless and the experiences and memories not only remain deep within those who partake on the mission but also influence their lives for years to come.

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