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Our latest LIVE G.R.I.P. Podcast Event was Thursday April 13 with Special Guest Mike Ricci at Holy Name of Jesus. Mike is the Director of Professional Outreach and Investments at Catholic Community Foundation after having served 20 years as both a principal and partner at a half-billion-dollar Minneapolis wealth management firm. We will be asking Mike about what it means to invest in the Church's mission and God's kingdom. God doesn't need our money, but he doesn't want us to love it more than him. Come and hear us unpack what it means to invest in the most important things in life. 


Season 2 Episode 3 - "I" Investing in Faith, Recorded Live April 13 with Special Guest Mike Ricci

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Season 2 Episode 3 - "R" Reading Scripture, Recorded Live Jan. 19 with Special Guest Fr. Nathan LaLiberte 

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Season 2 Episode 2 - "G" Small Groups, Recorded Live Dec. 6 with Special Guest Fr. Bryce Evans

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Season 2 SPECIAL EPISODE - Recorded Oct. 27 at the Old Attic Studios with special guest Chris Stefanick. 

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Season 2 Episode 1 - Recorded Live Sept. 16 with special guest Fr. Colin Jones.

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What is G.R.I.P.?

GRIP LIVE Podcast - New this year at HNOJ is a LIVE recording of the GRIP podcast. This is a podcast hosted by Jeff Peterson and features parishioner Todd Johnson and Chris Kostelc. Each recording of this 5 part series featuresa letter of the word GRIP (with an introduction) and a special guest. 

GRIP - is a acronym for Grouping, Reading Scripture, Investing in faith, and Praying daily. Todd Johnson developed this 4 piece strategy for men to hold onto Jesus. If we do these 4 things we will stay in God's GRIP and not fall into the world's grip. 

Next LIVE Podcast Event 

Episode Recording Dates:

  • 9/17 - GRIP - Introduction to GRIP  - Guest Fr. Colin Jones
  • G.R.I.P - Special Guest Chris Stefanick! See above.
  • 12/6 - G - Grouping with other men of faith - Guest Fr. Bryce Evans
  • 1/19 - R - Read your scripture - Guest Fr. Nathan LaLiberte
  • 4/13 - I - Investing in the Kingdom episode - Guest Mike Ricci 
  • TBD - P - Prayer episode


What's a "LIVE" podcast?

Remember how they used to say at the beginning of sitcoms, "Filmed before a LIVE studio auidence." This is basically that. We'll fill a room full of awesome men, offer them appropriate beverages and snacks, and welcome all to a time of fellowship and conversation. We will intro what is going to happen and then the recording equipment will be turned on. Jeff, Todd, Chris, and the special guests will discuss life, faith, and how to get a grip. 

Who are the guests?

We don't have all our special guests nailed down, but Fr. Colin Jones, former associate priest at HNOJ, was our kickoff event special guest. He killed it. Scroll up to listen to Fr. Colin join in on the GRIP discussion.

On Oct. 27, Todd and Chris interviewed Chris Stefanick of Real Life Catholic fame. He was fun, intense, and a great great guest.

On Dec. 6, Fr. Bryce Evans, joined the podcast to discuss how Grouping is essential to the spiritual life of men.  We're excited to speak with Fr. Evans and hear about the group of priests that he is ministering with now. 

On Jan. 19, Fr. Nathan LaLiberte wowed the auidence and listernship alike with hot takes on reading the Bible, helping others fall in love with scripture, and how we can be Catholics who know our Bible. 

Will we be able to hear the podcast later?

Absolutely. If you have to miss or if you want to share the conversation with a friend, we will be releasing the episodes of the podcast after a bit of editing. Check out links to each of this season's episodes above. 

Can I miss one or do I need to attend all the episodes?

Of course, it's fine. The goodnews is that we are recording these things and you can keep in the loop even if you are out of town for one. 

Can I invite guys from other parishes or churches?

Absolutely. In fact, we already have. We have reached out to men's clubs and groups from many of our surrounding parishes and invited them to attend and to even send a representative to hop on the pod and be introduced. Do PLEASE do invite our buddies, that one guy from work you like, and even your weird neighbor. The more the merrier.