Our weekly bulletin is handed out after Masses on Sundays. Once per month, a parish newsletter is mailed out to all parishioners. You can receive our monthly e-newsletter, containing stories from our print edition plus relevant links, blogs and other online exclusives, by clicking here to join our mailing list

Print versions can be viewed in PDF format online through our HNOJ Seek and Find page

Bulletin Submissions and Deadlines

If you'd like to submit content for our bulletin, please review our Communications Guidelines and send them to Michelle Hudlow at mhudlow@hnoj.org.  The deadline for bulletin submissions is usually the Tuesday before the weekend the bulletin is distributed; deadlines are adjusted for holidays and for our monthly mailed newsletter.

Bulletin Date         Deadline Date

June 10                  June 5

June 17                  June 17

June 24                  June 19

No July Newsletter

July 1/8 Combined June 26

July 15                    July 9

July 22                    July 17

July 29                    July 24

August 5 Newsletter Content Due July 16