Our weekly bulletin is handed out after Masses on Sundays. Once per month, a parish newsletter is mailed out to all parishioners. You can receive occasional emails about Parish happenings by clicking here to join our mailing list

Print versions can be viewed in PDF format online through our HNOJ Seek and Find page

Bulletin Submissions and Deadlines

If you'd like to submit content for our bulletin, please review our Communications Guidelines and email them to Sarah Reid.  The deadline for bulletin submissions is usually the Tuesday before the weekend the bulletin is distributed; deadlines are adjusted for holidays and for our monthly mailed newsletter.

Bulletin/Newsletter Date           Content Due By 8 a.m. On:

Oct. 8 Bulletin                                           Tuesday, Oct. 3

Oct. 15 Bulletin                                         Tuesday, Oct. 10

Oct. 22 Bulletin                                         Tuesday, Oct. 17

Oct. 29 Bulletin                                         Tuesday, Oct. 24

Nov. 5 Newsletter                                      Monday, Oct. 16

Nov. 5 Newsletter                                      Monday, Oct. 16

Nov. 12 Bulletin                                         Tuesday, Nov. 7

Nov. 19 Bulletin                                         Tuesday, Nov. 7 *(early print deadline)

Nov. 26 Bulletin                                         Monday, Nov. 13 *(early print deadline)

December 3 Newsletter                             Monday, Nov. 13  

Dec. 10 Bulletin                                         Tuesday, Nov. 28 *(early print deadline)

Dec. 17 Bulletin                                         Tuesday, Dec. 5 *(early print deadline)

Dec. 24 and 31 combined Bulletin             Monday, Dec. 11 *(early print deadline)

January 7 Newsletter                                 Monday, Dec. 11   

Jan. 14 Bulletin                                          Tuesday, Jan. 9

Jan. 21 Bulletin                                          Tuesday, Jan. 16

Jan. 28 Bulletin                                          Tuesday, Jan. 23

Feb. 4 Newsletter                                       Monday, Jan.15

Feb. 11 Bulletin                                          Tuesday, Feb. 6

Feb. 18 Bulletin (1st Sunday of Lent)        Tuesday, Feb. 13

Feb. 25 Bulletin                                          Tuesday, Feb. 20

March 3 Newsletter                                    Monday, Feb. 12

March 10 Bulletin                                       Tuesday, March 5

March 17 Bulletin                                       Tuesday, March 12

March 24 Palm Sunday Bulletin                 Tuesday, March 12 *(early print deadline)

March 31 Easter Sunday Bulletin               Monday, March 18 *(early print deadline)

April 7 Newsletter                                        Monday, March 18

April 14 Bulletin                                           Tuesday, April 9

April 21 Bulletin                                           Tuesday, April 16

April 28 Bulletin                                           Tuesday, April 23 

May 5 Newsletter                                         Monday, April 15

May 12 Bulletin                                            Tuesday, May 7

May 19 Bulletin                                            Tuesday, May 14

May 26 Bulletin                                            Tuesday, May 21

June 2 Newsletter                                        Monday, May 13

*Bulletins are due early due to holiday/printer deadlines.