Spring Retreat

Theme: This year, we will be focusing on living a life in the Sacraments! When we truly give our heart to the Lord, receive His grace in the sacraments, and allow Him to work in our life, EVERYTHING changes! We will be diving into scripture, learning how to pray with scripture, learning how to participate in the sacrifice of the Mass, and spending as much time outside as weather permits! Come experience the sacraments, community, fun, and true joy at this spring retreat!

Date and Time: April 17, 7-10 p.m. and April 18, 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. (ending with 5:30 Mass).

Location: Holy Name of Jesus

Please bring a pre-packaged snack to share on Saturday night, a water bottle, journal, pen, Bible and an old blanket to sit on outside!!! It is VERY important to remember to bring all of these things to the retreat! Be sure to wear modest, comfortable clothes that you don’t mind going outside in!

Food Details: We will be providing Chipotle for lunch on Sunday! Please eat breakfast before coming on Sunday morning and eat dinner before arriving on Saturday evening. We will provide water bottles for lunch and have some extra on hand, but it’s best to bring your own water bottle to refill during the day. Reminder, the water fountain isn’t in use except to refill water bottles.

Registration closes Friday, April 1.

Cost for this retreat is $50.

Cell Phone Policy: No cell phone use during the retreat.