Sunday School (Preschool to K)

Sunday School for Children Ages 3 - 6 for the 2020-2021 Faith Formation Year:

The Sunday School Program at HNOJ is designed to help you nurture the faith of your child. We provide your child with an experience of belonging to the Church. It is our intent to help the children begin to appreciate that our wonderful abilities are gifts from a loving God who made us in God's own image and likeness. Your child's growing sense of self is encouraged as they reflect on how much they have learned about God. We help to build upon and strengthen the foundation and readiness for your child's faith through lessons, prayer, song and play.


COVID-19 Preparedness Plan:
>Please click HERE to view and download our Signed HNOJ Faith Formation Preparedness Plan Document.

>Please click HERE to view our Faith Formation Health and Safety Informatoin to help guide our return to Faith Formation. 


Sunday School Program Information
Our in-class Sunday school program meets during the 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses beginning Sunday, October 4, 2020 and maintains classes for all the following age groups:

  • Preschool Level One - Recommended for children three to four years old who are experiencing Sunday School for the first time.
  • Preschool Level Two - Recommended for children four to five years old who have experienced Sunday School classes or preschool in the past.
  • Kindergarten - Recommended for children five to six years old who are attending Kindergarten during the school week.

At-Home/Online Option:
For this 2020-2021 Faith Formation Year, we will also be offering an At-Home/Online option for Sunday School Families to do Sunday School together at home. We will be sending out weekly e-mails for each week's lesson topic as well as parent lesson plans to do together with your child(ren).  You can select this option on our Sunday School Registration page. 

Holy Name of Jesus uses the Allelu curriculum in the Sunday School classrooms. Allelu is an early childhood program with innovations that make it easy to engage every child and build his or her faith. It is anchored with Child/Family Activity Sheets that are simple and easy to use at home during the week. Activity Sheets provide engaging and understandable prayers, activities, and saint stories, as well as brief, teachable insights for the entire family.

Click on the RED button below to download the Full 2020-2021 Sunday School Program Year Calendar.

Program Year Calendar

The Early Bird Registration fee for Sunday School is $75. After September 1, the registration fee rises to $100. Register early and get in on the discount! 
PLEASE NOTE: In-Person Sunday School Class Registration closes on Monday, September 14. After Sept. 14, Only At-Home/Online registrations will be available. Due to planning and preparation for classrooms used, class sizes and social distancing guidelines, we need ot cut off in-class registrations since we will not be able to add additional classes/classrooms. Registration cost for our At-Home/Online option does not change after Sept. 1. 

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*PLEASE NOTE: Sunday School students are required to be at least three years of age and toilet trained.


Make a difference in the lives of our parish children - sign up to help volutneer with our Sunday School program!
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Contact Theresa Reichert either via e-mail or phone: 763-745-3483 with any questions regarding our Sunday School Program.