Extreme Faith Camp

Extreme Faith Camp 2024

Extreme Faith Camp 2024

Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12, 2024

Registration starting at $500. See info below about cost.

What is Extreme Faith Camp?

Extreme Faith Camp is a premier high adventure camp packed with incredible activities! High ropes, lasertag, zip lines, climbing walls, and more! Extreme Faith Camp is led by parishes from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, guaranteeing that summer camp is not just a mountaintop faith experience, but one that builds lifelong foundations of faith. Our faith programming is founded in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church, and our mission and work is anything but boring. This summer, Extreme Faith Camp will be at Trinity Woods Camp and Retreat Center in Trego, Wisconsin.

Why should I send my child to Extreme Faith Camp?

As a youth minister, I could talk about camp for days. Rather than do that, here is some input from parents who have sent kids to camp in the last few years. The testimonies below are comination of EFC.

"We have seen the Holy Spirit accomplish powerful change when our kids left their day-to-day activities and mixed serious fun (ziplining, lake activities, and wacky Olympics) with serious faith (small groups and profound adoration experiences) at Extreme Faith Camp. They came back energized and more engaged than when they left…and they couldn’t wait to return!" - parents of 4 EFC alum

"My son attended EFC for the first time during the summer after 7th grade. I had never been to a “church camp” growing up so you can imagine my apprehension in sending him. I eagerly awaited his arrival back home anxious to hear all about it. I will never forget the first thing he said when he got off the bus...”I will never miss a year of EFC”. He had just had the time of his life, surrounded by friends, participating in extraordinary activities while the whole time feeling the love of Jesus. When I questioned what his favorite part of camp was he responded Adoration. I must admit I was surprised...I was thinking it would have been an activity or a friend that made the lasting impression but for him it was Adoration. He returned with a new energy for his Catholic faith. If an experience can shape a person...this was it. He had discovered the love of Jesus and it has continued to grow since then. After attending EFC James was putting his faith first. It has led him to participate in nearly every retreat at Holy Name and to become a part of the high school Core Team. EFC not only affected my son’s faith life but also the relationships he has built. At EFC he encounters people with similar values and a strong faith. People who encourage him to take his faith even deeper. EFC provides experiences we cannot recreate at home. These are authentic experiences that invite kids to come to know Jesus in a profound way. To feel His love and better understand the true meaning of what it is to be Catholic." - parent of a 2 year EFC alum

"Most people who know my kids would assume from looking on the outside that their faith is strong. We attend Mass regularly, Vacation Bible School, I volunteered to help teach faith formation, we meet with other families for prayer and bible studies, and the list goes on. The church, in many ways, has been our second home. However, in talking with my son, it wasn’t until he attended Extreme Faith Camp that he experienced that true and personal encounter with Jesus. Before camp, he describes his faith as more of a surface faith, but not one that had really impacted his heart. I’ll never forget when he came home from camp. I can’t describe it, but he was different. More mature. His joy and gratitude were tangible. His faith more solid. It was a challenge for him to take the leap and go to camp, unsure if he would have any close friends there, not knowing what was to come and worried if he would have any fun. However, in many ways, I think all that was part of what made the experience more powerful. He chose to be open. To take a risk. Just once. If he didn’t like it, he didn’t need to go back, but he had always heard about camp and wanted to experience it once. Having that extended period of time away, mixing the fun and wacky with the moments of prayer and worship, true worship, it allowed the smallest opening in his heart, and that is all that God needs to change a life. God spoke to his heart in adoration and through the leaders he had. He continued to go to camp every year after that first summer and each year the experience made an impact." - parent of 2 EFC alum

Frequently Asked Questions

When is EFC? What grades are allowed to go?

EFC is happening July 8- 12, 2024 at Trinity Woods Camp and Retreat Center in Trego, Wisconsin. Camp registration is reserved for HNOJ parishioners currently in 6th - 8th grade. Members from our high school Core Team will be at camp serving as our small group leaders. Space is limited to 31 middle schoolers so make sure to register early!

Because EFC is planned with our overall youth ministry program in mind, we highly recommend getting involved in HNOJ's youth ministry events if you sign up for camp. Get to know your camp community in the months ahead!

If you belong to a parish other than HNOJ, please check with your parish's Youth Minister or Director of Religious Education to see if your parish participants in EFC.

What makes EFC so special?

While a week away from home with fun activities is great, there are other camps that offer just that aspect of EFC. What sets EFC apart from all other camps is the focus we put on providing opportunities for campers to know who God is and guiding them in forming a personal relationship with Him. We do this by offering reflections, dedicated prayer time, and talks focused on the theme "Upon This Rock" (Matthew 16:18). Most importantly, we make sure to enrich their lives with the sacraments: the campers attend Mass every day of camp, have multiple opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and spend time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. All combined, we make sure that EFC is unlike any other camp your child will participate in thsi summer!

How much does EFC Cost? What is the refund policy?

The cost for EFC is $500, but the cost does increase as we get closer to camp, so make sure to register early for the best price! Your final price for camp will depend on when you submit your registration for camp. A $150 deposit is due at registration, but the option to pay in full is available. If you decide to defer payment, you will receive a monthly email with a reminder of your remaining balance. Payment for camp should be complete by June 1, 2024. Once your registration and depsoit are in, you are guaranteed a spot for camp. 

  • December 18, - January 31: $500
  • February 1- 29: $515
  • March 1 -31: $530
  • April 1-30: $545
  • May 1 - 31: $560

If you would like to only pay the deposit at registration, please use the code "Foundation"

This year we are bringing back Camp Punch Cards to help defer the cost of EFC. Come to Friday Night Alive throughout the year and receive $5.00 off your final registration cost for every event attended. Get up to $30 off your final camp cost! See the Friday Night Alive webpage for dates.

Outside of the desposit, any additional payments are eligible for a refund up to May 31, after which point our costs are committed and we are no longer able to provide refunds. Refunds due to illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances will be allowed only if we can find a camper to fill your spot.  All cancellations and refunds must be submitted in writing via email.

What if all the spots fill up?

If our camp spots fill up and you have a camper interested in attending, please email Elliut and you'll be placed on a waiting list. If you are next in the queue and a spot becomes available, you will have 72 hours to claim the spot. After that, the spot will be offered to the next person on the list. 

Who will be leading the activities at camp?

All of the high action activities will be directed and led by Trinity Woods staff. The talks and daily teachings will be done by either Youth Ministers or adult leaders from our parishes of camp. Small group sessions will be lead by our high school leaders and supervised by an adult leader.

What if I have a high schooler interested in Extreme Faith Camp?

While we would love to offer a summer high school camp, we do not have the opportunity to do so yet. However, we highly recommend participating in Winter Faith Camp! We do have limited spots for high school students to serve our middle schoolers as Extreme Team and Prayer Team. We reserve these leadership spots for teens who currently serve on our Teen Core Team and applications are required to be considered.

Click here to apply for Prayer Team (9th grade students or 1st time high school leader currently involved in Teen Core Team).

Click here to apply for Extreme Team (10-12th grade students who have already served on Prayer Team currently involved in Teen Core Team).

Does Holy Name of Jesus need help?

Absolutely! The success of camp relies heavily on volunteers. Below are some ways in which you can help with EFC.

  • Pray for our middle school campers, high school leaders, and adult volunteers that we may encounter the Lord in new, beautiful ways.
  • Consider volunteering to chaperone EFC. Chaperons will get to participate in all the activities as our campers, build relationship with our middle schoolers, supervise a small group, and pray with the kids everyday. The cost for chaperones to attend is covered by HNOJ!
  • Are you registered nurse or doctor? We need at least two nurses or health professional for our week of camp. For information about stipends, please contact Elliut.
  • Please consider making a donation towards scholarships for Extreme Faith Camp. Every bit helps get more campers to encounter our Lord at camp! To make a donation to the Extreme Faith Camp Scholarship Fund, please contact Elliut Fonseca.

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Questions? Please contact Elliut Fonseca.