Communion Outreach Ministry Training

State of Minnesota Vulnerable Adult Training

In order to visit people in their homes, it is required by the state that you complete the Vulnerable Adult Training.  Follow the steps below to go through the training and certification process.  

  1. Go to: to complete the MN Department of Human Services Vulnerable Adults Mandated Training.
  2. Read the information on the page and click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Read through each page and complete any sample quiz questions.  Click "Next" at bottom of the page when complete. *Please note: there are 24 pages of the training. 
  4. Once you complete the training, there will be a green box at the top of the page that says “Congratulations! You've made it through the Mandated Reporter training! Read the Following Instructions on how to take the Certification Assessment”.  Click on  the blue words "Certification Assessment", it will bring you to a new page. 
  5. Under the "Exam for Certificate" section where it says "Event" register for the "VAMR begin registering on 5/15/10".  Click “Next-Register”.
  6. Fill in the information. Under "Position" select "Other Mandate Reporter".  Leave "Professional License Number" blank.  Click "Submit". 
  7. Once you submit the registration you will get an email where you can access the certification test. *Please note: it may take a while (up to a day to recieve the email). 
  8. In the email click the blue "here" to take the certification test.
  9. Once you pass the test you will recieve another email where you can download your certificate by clicking on the blue "Click here to download your certificate". 
  10. Send your certificate of completion to Gabby at or bring it into the Parish Office attn: Gabby Schauer.


Communion Outreach Training Video


Minnesota DHS Mandated Reporter Guide

Reports made by the general public are reported over the phone 24/7 by calling MAARC (Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center Mandated Reporter) at (844) 880-1574.