To advance our mission to Know the heart of Christ, See the face of Christ and Be the hands of Christ, Holy Name of Jesus seeks the insight and input from parishioners in our planning. These parishioner leadership bodies assist the pastor and staff on determining how to best use the available resources to achieve these plans.

Membership is open to registered parishioners over the age of 18, and all members are expected to serve a three-year term. Each year, a third of the members of these bodies finish their term of service, so each year we seek new leaders to step up to help guide the parish and its activity.

If you have questions about the leadership selection process or want to learn more about these leadership opportunities, contact the parish office at 763-473-7901.

Leadership Opportunities

Nominate a Leader for a Leadership Commission

The Parish Pastoral Council is the big-picture guiding body of HNOJ. The Council advices the pastor on high-level policies, plans, issues and decisions. They also coordinate the creation and implementation of a parish annual plan in a way that links parish activities to our core values, mission and vision. The Parish Pastoral Council consists of 13 members: six members at-large (the executive team), six additional members are chosen from each of the commissions, and the final member is our pastor.

The Parish Finance Council works closely with the administrator to coordinate budgets, which includes the stewardship fund raising process. The Council also ensures timely and accurate financial reporting and is responsible for the treasury function, serving as a consultative body that assists the pastor in meeting these obligations.

Ministry Commissions are leadership bodies that help formulate plans and activities within a specific ministry area. These commissions work with ministry directors to assess the ministry activities and make modifications so that our efforts can best advance the parish mission and vision, while also meeting the needs of parishioners. There are at least six members on each commission, one of whom also serves on the Parish Pastoral Council.

The Stewardship Commission assists the pastor in developing Stewardship as a way of life in the parish, an attitude of the mind and heart that is expressed in action; emphasizing that all people, things, and experiences are gifts from God. The Stewardship Commission, in collaboration with other parish commissions, encourages parishioners to embrace stewardship through prayer, participation and generosity. 


Membership is open to registered parishioners over the age of 18. Nominations and selections take place in May for the following ministry year. Members are expected to serve a three-year term. Learn more about each leadership body through the links below.