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Children: Age 3 to Grade 5

Early faith formation is an important way to begin your child's spiritual growth. Holy Name of Jesus offers programs for age 3 through grade 5 that focus on helping children learn and grow in their relationship with God through the sacraments of First Eucharist and Reconciliation, as well as through weekly class time.

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All Faith Formation Registration
Please email Annie LaPlante if you would like to register for 2021-2022 faith formation year!
Volunteer Sign-Up
Click below to be a Faith Formation Volunteer! Help make this faith formation year a success for our children here at HNOJ! (See Volunteer Position Descriptions below)



Class Schedules for our different programs are available below to download:

All Schedules for Program Year 2021-2022


HNOJ’s First Sacraments Program
Is your child going into Second Grade (or older) and ready to begin the process for receiving First Sacraments?
Click one of the links below to get more information regarding our First Sacrament’s Program.

Please note:

  • If you are an HNOJ School Family, your second grader will automatically be sent the First Sacrament’s information in the fall.
  • If your child is older than second grade and has not received their First Sacraments, you’re welcome to indicate on your registration (online or paper) that you’d like to receive information for First Sacraments in the fall.



    Adult Volunteer Positions Needed for Elementary Faith Formation Program 2021-2022:

    Faith Formation Volunteer Positions

    Volunteer Positions Needed for Sunday School Program 2021-2020:

    Sunday School Volunteer Positions



    • Child Care is available to all volunteer positions listed if needed.
    • VIRTUS and Essential 3 are to be completed before Faith Formation year begins – for more information, please contact Annie LaPlante (via email) or Chris Kostelc, Director of Faith Formation, (via email) who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
    • If you have any questions regarding Volunteer Positions listed, please do not hesitate to email or call Annie LaPlante at (763) 745-3483



    Elementary Faith Formation:

    What time is Open Gym?
    Open Gym runs from 4:15-4:45 p.m. every Wednesday night that Elementary Faith Formation Classes are scheduled.
    We encourage students to spend some time working off their energy in Open Gym before heading to class.

    What if I have conflicts?
    As a church, it’s hard to compete with sports/activities scheduling conflicts. We understand that our students might not be able to make every single session, but we also hope that families will allow their sons and daughters to miss a practice or game from time-to-time.
    We also hope that Christian parents, coaches and students can be advocates for keeping Wednesday nights free for students who desire to be active in their Faith Community.

    If we have a conflict, can we come to a different class time?
    We ask that there be no swapping of class times during the year if there are conflicts.
    With students assigned to classrooms and class times, swapping class times for an evening makes it difficult for teachers with a certain number of students already assigned to their rooms, especially if multiple students swap at once.

    If you are unable to make your scheduled class time, we ask that you work on the chapter at home together for that week. Completion of the review homework can be shown when you are able to return to class the following week.


    Sunday School:
    Am I allowed to stay with my child?

    Absolutely! If you’d like to stay for a few classes or if your child is having a little difficult time acclimating to Sunday School, you’re welcome to attend the first couple of sessions (or more if you’d like) with them until they are more comfortable with the classroom, their fellow students and their teachers.

    If we are unable to make our scheduled Class Mass Time, can we attend the other Class Mass Time?
    We ask that there be no swapping of class times during the year if there is a conflict.
    With students assigned to Class Mass Times and Classrooms, swapping class times makes it difficult for the Teachers with a certain number of students already assigned to their rooms.

    If you are unable to make it to class, you are welcome to request the family packet to be given out the following week when you can make it to your scheduled class time. That way you can discuss the information learned the previous week at home as a fun activity together!

    Do we receive Sunday School Bags?
    You sure do! Students who attended Sunday School this last Faith Formation Year have received their Sunday School Bags (if you have lost your bag or need a new one please, send Theresa Reichert an e-mail). Those starting Sunday School in the Pre-1 classes will receive their Sunday School Bags in the first couple of weeks of Sunday School. Those starting Sunday School for the first time in Pre-2 or Kindergarten, please send Theresa Reichert an e-mail request so your child can also receive their Sunday School Bag.