"The word 'liturgy' originally meant a 'public work' or a 'service in the name of/on behalf of the people.' In Christian tradition it means the participation of the People of God in 'the work of God.' (Jn 17:4) Through the liturgy Christ, our redeemer and high priest, continues the work of our redemption in, with, and through his Church. " (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1069)

Please consider serving in any liturgical ministries at Holy Name of Jesus. Serving in any of these ministries is a gift to Christ, the Church, Holy Name of Jesus, our priests and our parishioners. To get involved, please contact the individuals listed below or call Fr. Mike Reinhardt at 763-745-3495. 

Altar Servers Altar servers assist the priest and deacon during the Mass. Their reverence and respect while serving in this role can help to lead the congregation in deeper prayer and love for the Eucharist. This ministry is open to Catholic children in 4th grade up to high school seniors. One training session is required before starting out in this ministry. Altar Servers serve at the weekend Masses, and occasionally on special feast days or Holy Days of Obligation. Altar servers are scheduled for approximately one or two Masses per month.
Contact: Fr. Mike Reinhardt Icons8 New Post 512

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion share Christ with the parish community by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. This service opportunity is open to confirmed high school students and adults. A training session and commissioning is required. Eucharistic ministers serve at Mass as needed. Sign up before Mass.

Contact: Caitlyn Rosendahl, Icons8 New Post 512

Lectors Lectors are those who have a passion for Sacred Scripture and desire to share that with others. Lectors proclaim the Word of God at all Masses. One can serve as a lector at the weekday Masses or for the weekend Masses. A short training session is required. When one is scheduled to lector for a weekend Mass, a rehearsal session on the prior Monday evening is required.

Contact: Tony Weldon Icons8 New Post 512

Want to know more about this volunteer opportunity? View the Tasks of Lectors.

Ushers An usher is someone who has a gift for hospitality. Ushers greet people warmly as they arrive for Mass, and may help direct people to their seats. They pass out the worship aides before Mass and weekly bulletins after Mass. 

Contact: David Biek, 612-961-5340 Icons8 New Post 512

Sacristans Sacristans work behind the scenes preparing items used during our liturgical celebrations, including hosts, wine, vessels, linens, vestments, etc. A training session is required. Sacristans serve at least once a month. We are also in need of sacristans for funeral liturgies.

Contact: Paul Soukup Icons8 New Post 512

Sunday Hospitality This ministry is a great way to meet your fellow parishioners. Looking for any singles, couples, or families willing to commit to serve coffee and donuts once a month, or once every other month after the Sunday Masses. No experience necessary--we will train you! Why not team together with neighbors or friends and join this fun ministry?

Contact: HNOJ front desk, 763-473-7901

 Sunday Nursery The nursery is for children ages nine months through preschool. Adults and youth, 6th grade and older, are needed to be involved with these children, while their parents participate in the liturgy. For more information regarding the nursery, visit our Nursery page.

Liturgical Environment This ministry decorates the Church and Gathering Space according to the appropriate Liturgical season. Through their work, they create an atmosphere to help people enter into deeper worship and love of God. 

Contact: Sherry Proulx  Icons8 New Post 512 or Tracy Etzel Icons8 New Post 512

Wedding Coordinator Assist bride and grooms, the wedding party and the priest, when there is a wedding that takes place at Holy Name of Jesus. Assist in the rehearsal the evening before the wedding (one to two hours) and the wedding celebration (three to four hours). Stipend provided.

Contact: Fr. Mike Reinhardt  Icons8 New Post 512

Worship Space Sound Board

Serve the community by using your skill to enhance the liturgy with effective sound production and occassional video projector use. Volunteers monitor the sound/audio board during weekend Masses and special liturgies (such as Holy Days and Holy Week). Training is provided. Ministers are scheduled as needed. 

Contact: Maggie Myers Icons8 New Post 512