Children's Faith Formation Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

On this page, you can flip through the different roles available to volunteers and sign-up to volunteer! Please contact Chris Kostelc if you have any questions!

Wednesday Night Faith Formation Volunteer Roles

  • Helps teach classes two to four times per month (depending on scheduled breaks/parish-wide activity nights;
  • Teaching lesson plans and activities in classroom to students (smaller class sizes of 12-15 max). Total prep time for lessons is 10-20 minutes each week.
  • Needed at HNOJ 10-15 minutes earlier than class time to gather class materials and bring to classroom (4:30-4:45 p.m.; 6-6:15 p.m.)
  • Teaching materials, lesson plans and activities are prepared for teachers (teaching materials given to teachers for year, lesson plans and activities are updated and available one week in advance for prep/planning for each class session)
  • Option to teach alone or teach with a partner (can list name for teaching partner preference)
  • Subs are available if unable to make class (24 hour notice preferred)
  • Child care available if needed for Faith Formation Catechists
  • Availability one to three times per month (availability per month dependent on need for subs each month – will be asked via e-mail regarding sub for classroom or as needed elsewhere – typically 24 hour advance notice for ask of help
  • Available to help as classroom sub – teach classroom lesson plans/activities (all lessons/activities pre-planned – see Faith Formation Catechist position above)
  • Flexibility with helping as needed:
    • Hallway Monitor – Watch and keep track of students walking to bathrooms, leaving class early, etc.
    • Front Desk Attendant – Answer phone calls from parents/take notes, answer questions regarding classroom locations, stay with students getting picked up early/leaving early
  • Child care available if needed for Faith Formation Subs
  • Helps two to three times per month
  • Receive phone calls from parents (ex: student sick/unable to make class), take notes of student’s names and grades for Faith Formation Coordinator to reference
  • Help give parents directions to classrooms for where to pick-up students
  • Check-point for students to wait to be picked up (if leaving early or needing to go home because not feeling well, etc.)
  • Child care available if needed for Front Desk Attendants
  • Helps two to three times per month
  • Watch for students when leaving classrooms – going to the bathroom and back, etc. – keeping an eye on students and noting their location when outside the classrooms
  • Watch for students horsing around outside classrooms, making sure students are respectful when moving from classrooms
  • 4:45p.m.: One Hallway Monitor to go around to classes and pick-up students leaving early for Children’s Choir and bringing them down to the Old Church for practice
  • 6:15 p.m.: One Hallway Monitor to go to Old Church to pick up students from Children’s Choir practice back to classrooms
  • Child care available if needed for Hallway Monitors