Good Samaritan Fund

Good Samaritan Fund Gifts

As printed in the September 2018 Newsletter, edited for the current year on Dec. 9, 2022.


Holy Name of Jesus is known for its generosity to people in need. We are a caring parish, giving more than 10% of our income to charitable causes, as we should. The Good Samaritan Fund, established in 2007 and administered through the Catholic Community Foundation, is now able to provide approximately $60,000 each year in interest to share with our brothers and sisters with pressing needs.

Some of the money given each year is designated for the aid of parishioners and others in the community who come to us with requests for assistance. The remainder is available to local charitable organizations that have an active connection to HNOJ, especially when parishioners are volunteers there, and make a request for some financial support. A committee meets to consider the requests and mete out the monies, carefully and prayerfully assessing groups who request financial support from the fund for their relationship to HNOJ parishioners and their missions’ closeness to our own.

The Good Samaritan Fund bequests for 2021 can be found in the October 2022 Newsletter.

As you can see, you have done a world of good through your participation in the Good Samaritan Fund.

What more can you do to be a Good Samaritan?

Consider volunteering at one or more organizations to further their mission of helping those in need in our community. Click on “serve” at the top of this page to view many volunteer opportunities.

If you know of anyone in the parish who has an urgent need for financial assistance, please let them know that the fund exists for just this purpose. They need only contact Deacon Dennis to start the request process.

Lastly, if you volunteer at a service organization in our community that you care deeply about and that could use more support, let us know more about your passion! HNOJ may be able to help.

The Good Samaritan Committee

Wendy Mitchell, chair

Deacon Dennis Hanson

Steve Hayes

Hope Mura

Karen Karn

Tom Silver