First Reconciliation and Communion Program

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Information on HNOJ First Sacrament Program

Our program is designed for Holy Name of Jesus School and Faith Formation students, typically completed in second grade. It consists of mandatory parent meetings, retreats, and at-home work. This program is to be paired with faith formation classes or religion class at a Catholic school. 

The outline of the program looks like:

October - Parent meeting for First Reconciliation

January - First Reconciliaition Retreats on a Saturday (Parent/Student Lead, about an hour to hour and a half)

Feburary - Parent meeting for First Communion 

March - First Communion Retreat on a Saturday (Parent/Student Lead, about an hour)

April/May - First Communion Masses


We focus first on First Reconciliation and then on First Communion.

Schedule for 2023-2024 First Sacraments Program:

Elementary Ff 23 24 2

First Important Dates and Times:

First Reconciliation -  Oct. 8 at 12:00pm OR Oct. 10 at 6:30pm 

First Reconciliation Retreat - Jan. 20 OR Jan. 27 - The retreat will be parent-student lead, it will around an hour and a half, and they will recieve the sacrament. More details will be giving out at the parent meeting.