Catholic Heart Work Camp 2024

HNOJ will lead a group of high school students on a brand-new mission trip experience to Champaign, Illinois through Catholic Heart Workcamp. CHWC has been around since 1993 and serves communities across the country every summer.

Our mission trip will take place Sunday, June 9 through Saturday, June 15, 2024.
This summer, we have room for 20 students and five adults to participate in the mission trip. Students currently in 8th - 12th grade are encouraged to register and participate in this service opportunity.


Register for the CHWC Mission Trip here.


Mission Trip FAQs

What will be doing during the mission trip?
Each day is split into two parts: service and retreat. During the morning, we’ll be volunteering at our worksites within the community of Champaign and its neighboring towns. At night, we will participate in evening programming which includes fun games, upbeat music, as well as time for prayer, worship and other opportunities for us to deepen our faith. We will participate in Mass every day, and we will have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and experience Adoration during the week. We will also stop at a waterpark on our way home to Minnesota!

Some of the work we will be doing includes but is not limited to:
Repairing and building homes
House cleaning
Yard work
Basic construction projects
Helping at daycare centers
Working in homeless shelters
Volunteering at food pantries

What is the cost of the mission trip? 
This year’s fee is $750 which includes the housing and food cost for CHWC, hotel stay for Friday night and t-shirt. It does not include the cost of transportation as we will be fundraising to cover this cost. Our goal is to rent 7-passenger minivans to get to Champaign.

Where will we be staying during the mission trip?
We will be staying at The High School of Saint Thomas More (3901 N Mattis Ave, Champaign, IL 61822). This is where we will sleep, have breakfast and dinner (lunch will be at the worksites), shower and experience evening programming. We will be staying at a hotel in Rockford, Illinois on the way home on Friday night.

Will we need chaperones to volunteer?
Absolutely! We need four adults willing to help chaperone the trip and drive the minivans. The cost for you to attend is mostly covered by the parish. All chaperones must be 25+ and be willing to complete the Essential 3 (background check, Virtus training and signing a Code of Conduct) as well as any training required for driving.

Additional experience with the worksite jobs listed above is highly appreciated but not required.

For additional questions, please contact Elliut Fonseca.