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REVIEW #1 - A Bible Study on the Annunciation 

If your family is anything like mine, adjusting to this new normal of staying home has taken some getting used to. Last week the Church celebrated an important feast - The Annunciation -  on March 25. In the midst of our new normal that celebration fell through the cracks. 

Luckily, has a short little Bible Study all about the Annunciation presented by Dr. Ben Akers. If you want to know why this feast is so important, then you may want to check out this short, single session Bible Study of Luke 1:26-38. 

Here is my review of the video study available free online at


A Bible Study on the Annunciation


Dr. Ben Akers is a clear communicator and good presenter who mostly gets down to business interpreting scripture. Good energy and enthusiasm. Not a lot of stories or examples.


About 30 minutes.

Style of Video

  • Recorded talk with one camera and no illustrations or other video or images.
  • TBH - High Quality and Clear, but pretty much just a 30-minute talk, walking through the scripture Luke 1:26-38. Dr. Ben Akers is a quality presenter, but this is a recorded talk as basic as it gets.


An explanation of the Annunciation found in Luke 1:26-38. Dr. Ben Akers often explains the Greek text and possible translations and explores the theological implications of the text. Dr. Akers also applies these theological outcomes to our daily life.


Luke 1:26-38

Various Old Testament references that relate to the primary text. 

The Ratings

I am rating each resource in terms of how Informative, Transformative, and Engaging I find that resource. Informative refers to how much information and how well the video presents that faith knowledge. Transformative refers to how well the resource invites participants to conform their life to follow Jesus Christ. Engaging (-ative) refers to how entertaining, gripping, or interesting I find the resource. 


1-5 Books  -  4 Books 


1-5 Hearts  -  3 Hearts


1-5 - 2 Wows

Why you should watch this video

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of the Annunciation, why it is a big deal, and why Mary is a powerful example of faith, then you should watch this video. If you like taking a deep dive into a piece of scripture and applying what it means to your daily life, this video is for you. 

Why skip it

If you are looking for sweeping videos of the Holy Land or an entertaining story with quips and jokes, then maybe skip this one.