Special Collections

Helping Ukraine

Many of the faithful would like to contribute to help our sisters and brothers in Ukraine. Because the situation is so fluid and to maximize the efficiency of the gift, the Archdiocese recommends that the faithful contribute through Catholic Relief Services. 

CRS donations

CRS Emergency Factsheet

Special Collections are not only an opportunity to contribute part of our tithes (recommended at 5% to the parish, 5% to other charities), they are also a chance for us to learn about needs in our community and how some people choose to address those needs.

Archdiocesan Special Collections

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis makes requests for special collections throughout the year. These collections aid causes and funds very close to the global Catholic Church and the needs of our Archdiocese, such as the Retirement Fund for Religious, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and Peter's Pence. Thank you for your generosity to support our Church.

Organizations We Support

Throughout the year, we will also hold special collections to support organizations with a personal connection to our parish for additional special collections. With these collections, we seek to educate our community not only about the recipient organizations, but also the issues surrounding that need so that we all may prayerfully consider our Gospel call to discipleship, the call to act out of love and faith. As each special collection arises during the year, please take the opportunity to learn more about these organizations and the issues and needs they address. Then prayerfully consider what action you feel called to, whether it be financial support, prayer, volunteering, or advocating for change.