Adoration Chapel

That one hour in the Adoration Chapel is my time to thank God, honor Him, listen to Him, and to ask Him for forgiveness, guidance and strength. The fuller your life is, the more you need that quiet hour with God.

-- Kris Parod, parishioner at Holy Name of Jesus

What is Eucharistic Adoration?

Eucharistic Adoration is an opportunity: an opportunity to find an oasis of peace in the midst of a hectic world, an opportunity for silence in the midst of ceaseless noise, an opportunity for reflection in the midst of never-ending tasks of daily life. Most of all, it is an opportunity to spend time with Jesus, and to get to know him as a friend; a friend who delights simply in time spend with those he loves.

God wants to be close to us. The Eucharist is the miracle of this closeness in our lives. The goal of adoration is to help us appreciate this miracle in a deeper way, so that we enter more deeply into the wonder of the Mass, and allow it to transform our lives.

Adoration Hours

Normally, the Holy Name of Jesus Blessed Sacrament Chapel is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, except during Mass times and the Triduum. However at this time, the Blessed Sacrament is reposed until we are passed this time of staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Always Attended

The Chapel must always have at least one person present with our Lord. We are dedicated to finding two committed adorers for each hour. The scheduled time may be shared with other adorers. With over 50 confirmed substitute adorers, occasional absences are not a problem.

Sign up for an hour online at or contact Frank Renshaw at 763-745-3484.

Adore: simply look at Jesus and recognize Him as God. Thank him for His love. Offer Him your heart along with all of its burdens.*

Look: at Him who looks at you with love. Pray: the rosary, the divine mercy chaplet or other devotions, intercede for others.

Read: the bible or other spiritual writings.

Listen: for God’s voice speaking to your heart. Rest: in God’s presence, and allow him to fill your soul with His peace.

Be: with Him, center your heart on Him, enjoy His presence.

*Upon entering and before leaving the Chapel, it is customary to genuflect on one or both knees, in reverence to Jesus.

Two adorers must be present in the Chapel during their committed hour. Also, each hour has a volunteer hourly coordinator. Each six-hour block has a volunteer Division Leader. The entire ministry is led by the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Core Team.

  • The desire to spend an hour with Jesus weekly on an ongoing basis
  • Enjoy quiet prayer time
  • Faithful to schedules
  • Willing to communicate with the hourly coordinator
  • Know in your heart that you were drawn here by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is patiently waiting for you to come before Him so that He can bless you, comfort you and give you hope. He wants you to have peace in your life and He wants to show you the way to the Father. His INVITATION is knocking at your the doors to your heart and let Him...
  • Come and visit Him in His Blessed Adoration Chapel and kneel before Him...Face-To-Face...and you will find peace in your life. Jesus will listen to your pleas, hopes and desires, and in His Divine Way, He will bless you with His grace, courage, strength and zeal for God's Word.

A LIVE 24/7 Link to Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament is provided by:
Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, Convent of Divine Love at 2212 Gree St. Philadelphia, PA 19130-3197
Our Lord can be Adored via this LIVE FEED Internet Connection LINK:
Petitions can be submitted and there is information about our Saints available.

The Value of Adoration, by Pamela Patnode

The Value of Adoration – Pamela Patnode

Pamela PatnodeMy brother-in-law was 25 years old when he was killed in a car accident, leaving behind his wife of 11 months. During the ensuing days of grief, I spent time in the adoration chapel, having a need to be close to Christ. In the more than 20 years since I have continued to spend time in the chapel. For many years I shared a regular adoration time with a few beautiful women from our parish. To be honest, there were times when I approached my scheduled adoration time with angst: there was so much work to be done around the house, children who needed help with homework, lesson plans I needed to prepare, e-mails to respond to. “How,” I wondered, “would I be able to get it all done?” It was with this anxiety that I entered the adoration chapel, and yet, each time upon leaving the chapel, I left with a profound sense of peace. It is difficult to articulate the value I gain from adoration. As St. Augustine said, “What can any man say when he speaks of Thee?” (Confessions I). What I can share is that Christ always welcomes me: when I come with joy, anger, frustration, sorrow, worry, and anxiety. Like a patient and loving friend, He listens to me, He accompanies me, He guides me, and He reminds me that He is God. Over the years I have come to adoration to plead with God, to question God, to complain to God, to beg mercy from God, to offer gratitude to God, to marvel at God, and at times, to simply sit in silence just to be with God. With each visit, I grow a little closer to Christ and, I hope, become a little more like Him as well. Adoration is a powerful balm of love, mercy, and grace. Without question, Eucharistic adoration has been (and continues to be) a transforming gift in my life.


Adorers Share Their Experience

Why Adoration

How to Begin

Full Hour: In order to maintain the use of our chapel, it is important that we have people assigned for each hour. Please consider this generous gift of your time. Jesus leaves no gift unrewarded in our lives. If an hour each week is not possible for you at this time, you can also team up with others so as to share the time, either by alternating weeks or by splitting the hour.

Trial Period: Not sure if adoration is for you? Give it a try by signing up for a 6-week trial period. If you decide after that period that you’d rather not continue, just let us know. No Guilt. No charge!

Sub-List: If you’re not ready to commit to a regular hour, but would like to make adoration a part of your life and are willing to help you, you can add your name to a list of subs to be contacted in case someone can’t make their hour.

Learn More: If you are curious, but it’s all too much for you right now, you can simply sign up to receive future informational materials about Eucharistic adoration and the opportunities for it at Holy Name of Jesus.  


Choose one of four easy ways to get started:

1. Call Frank Renshaw at 763-745-3484 OR

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4. Online - register for your hours or as a sub at

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Video Guide to We Adore Him

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