Holy Name of Jesus is here to support you in your time of need. If you need help processing the death of your loved one, here are some options we offer:

1) If you need spiritual guidance to help process the death of their loved one, have them contact Fr. Wratkowski 763-473-7901.

2) If you are feeling desperate or seriously depressed, unable to function or carry on with life, contact your doctor who may help with medication and recommend a psychologist.

3) Common reactions to death include shock, sadness, disbelief and denial. The important thing say experts, are understanding grief and sharing the pain with others to heal both the body and spirit. You may contact the health care facility or doctor for hospital-sponsored grief counseling, the hospice coordinator or a community church that offers grief-sharing programs.  Holy Name of Jesus Parish is part of the 13 churches that make up the West Suburban Grief Coalition. Initial contact should be made through Harley Feldman at 612-840-1774. They can also go to the internet to find a group closer to where they live. 

4) Call or email the prayer line and ask for others to pray for you.

5) If you need funeral planning, please call the parish office.

Contact Dennis Hanson for information about the Grief Committee.

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