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Welcome to MS Crew!

Important Links:

  • For information on how to register for MS Crew, please contact Elliut Fonseca at efonseca@hnoj.org
  • Sign up here (link is external)to volunteer as a small group leader, activity leader, hall monitor, or prayer warrior.
  • Click HERE to view the MS Crew Schedule for 2019-2020. 
  • Click HERE to view the MS Crew 2019-2020 Topic Schedule for grades 6-8!

Questions?  Email Elliut, the Coordinator of MS Youth Ministry: efonseca@hnoj.org

What is MS Crew?

In the 2019-2020 School Year, sixth through eighth-grade HNOJ Middle School CREW will meet on Wednesdays from 5:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

The CREW is more than textbooks, lectures and religious education. Middle School CREW is a place where our teens can be themselves, talk about what really matters and have meaningful encounters with a God who loves them like crazy.  

The evening begins with "YouTime" from 5:45-6:15, which is a chance for middle schoolers to choose from the following activities: open gym, Fine Dining, or playing games in the youth lounge. YouTime allows middle schoolers to hang out with their church friends, meet new people and develop friendships in a fun, supervised setting. We will then gather together to pray as a whole group. After that, each grade will split off and experience the following:

  • Listen to a dynamic, age-appropriate talk calling them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.
  • Get to know others in their grade better through a large group activity that relates to the theme of the night
  • Reflect on the talk, share their lives and ask faith questions in gender-specific small groups.

We know middle School can be a challenging time for all areas of a family's life. Sports, school, hormones, friends, music, smart phones, the Internet--these all present a number of significant challenges to raise teens to be followers of Christ in the world today. You want to do what is best, but all the world is pulling at your time.  Here at Holy Name of Jesus, we want to be intentional about the faith of your youth and your family. This year, we are launching a new reading/seminar program for parents to help support you as you guide your middle schooler through their faith. Postcards with more information will be coming out by the end of August! Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the schedule look like for an MS CREW evening?

Middle School Crew will vary slightly every night, but you can expect this general schedule: 

5:45 - Optional "YouTime" ~~~  Come, be who you are!  Many of us enter classes, meetings and formal events stiff and uncomfortable--especially after a long day! This is no different for our teens. The preceding time for activity and fellowship will aid in transitioning into the evening.  This period of time serves to continue to welcome new teens and build new friendships as we gather together at Holy Name of Jesus. Hang out with friends in the youth lounge, munch on dinner at fine dining in the Good Samaritan Center and enjoy Open Gym.  

6:15 - 6:30

We will gather together in the church to pray, read the Sunday Gospel, learn about a saint, hear someone's faith story, and find out about upcoming youth ministry events.


Each grade will rotate through three rotations. During one rotation, middle schoolers will hear a dynamic, age-appropriate talk calling them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church (check back on Aug. 30 for a schedule of talks for each grade!). At another rotation, they will have the opportunity to get to know others in their grade better through a large group activity that relates to the theme of the night. At the third rotation, middle schoolers will be invited to reflect on the talk, share their lives and ask faith questions in gender-specific small groups.

What if I have conflicts?

As a church, it’s hard to compete with sports scheduling conflicts. We understand that our teens might not be able to make every session and also hope that families will allow their sons and daughters to miss practices or game from time-to-time. We also hope that Christian parents, coaches, and teens can be advocates for keeping Wednesday nights free for students who desire to be active in their faith community. 

Can our Family Still Come for Fine Dining?

Absolutely!   We strongly encourage families to eat together.  Every Wednesday when Middle School CREW is in session, Fine Dining runs in the Good Samaritan Center.  This is a great place to enjoy a hot meal together before MS Crew.

Can I Bring a Friend?

Yes!  Middle School Crew is for all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders no matter who you are or where you are at in your faith.  Whether you go to Wayzata, Benilde, Orono, Delano, Plymouth, Providence, Holy Name, or are homeschooled, the CREW is the place for you! In fact, you don't even have to be Catholic to come to Middle School Crew. All are welcome. 

I'm Interested in Helping... 

Great!  We depend upon you, as parents, being involved in the faith life of your child!  We have many ways that you can be involved with Middle School CREW!  One big difference you notice in Middle School and Senior High CREW is the time for small groups.  These groups depend upon leaders who can encourage, support, and help keep youth on task.  Beyond being a small group leader, we have opportunities for monitoring the halls to ensure the safety of our youth, leading group games, and chaperoning on our events and retreats. Please click here to sign up online to volunteer (link is external)(Middle School CREW is at the bottom).

Middle School CREW Events:

The weekly gathering of MS CREW isn’t the only time we get together. MS CREW also has a number of special events including:
Winterblast, Luke 18, Friday Night Live (FNA), Extreme Faith Camp, and Genesis. 

Check out the bulletin and the MS Crew Youth Ministry link at the top of this page for more information.

Contact Elliut with any questions or concerns about MS Crew or MS Crew Youth Ministry events:  763-746-8195 | efonseca@hnoj.org