Knights of Columbus Auxiliary

Knights of Columbus Auxiliary

The KC Auxiliary work in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus to contribute to the needs of the Parish and community. Our membership is open to all Catholic ladies of the Parish. We hold our own social events and service projects, including:

  • Bake Sales in November and February to fund our charitable giving
  • HNOJ’s Fall Festival’s Country Market
  • IOCP collection
  • Annual church tours
  • And more ....

Contact: Karen Karn


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IOCP 'Move in Kit' Collection

Auxiliary Event For MonitorsLet’s help IOCP clients get a fresh start! The KC Auxiliary is hosting a Move In collection June 8-9. Often families moving into IOCP Neighborhood Program sites move in with limited resources. Having a ‘Move In Kit’ allows families to begin with a fresh start to get settled into their new home.

The HNOJ KC Auxiliary is sponsoring a collection for this project, will you help? We will put together Move In Kits to be supplied to clients as they make a move into their new home.  

The following items are needed for each kit:
1.  Shower curtain
2.  Shower curtain rings
3.  Bath mat
4.  Dish soap
5.  Dishwasher pods/detergent
6.  Mop with a bucket
7.  Broom with a dust pan
8.  All purpose cleaning spray
9.  Toilet cleaner brush and plunger
10. Laundry detergent
11.  Paper plates
12. Toilet paper
13. Small package of plastic silverware
14. Five gallon bucket (Home Depot or Lowe’s works!) 
15. Local pizza certificate (essential for moving day!)

The KC Auxiliary will have a table in the Gathering Space the weekend of June 8-9 to collect these items. Let’s help IOCP clients get a fresh start.