Holy Name of Jesus Discipleship Institute

At the end of Matthew's gospel, Jesus tells the disciples, "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations..." Holy Name of Jesus' Discipleship Institute is our way to live out this command. By studying discipleship and applying what we learn to our lives, we grow as disciples. 

The Holy Name of Jesus Discipleship Institute (HDI) is a five-week study on discipleship and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

If you want your faith to grow into something that actually benefits your life, then Holy Name of Jesus Discipleship Institute is for you.

At HDI, you will be given the time and resources to reflect on your life and your faith. You will hear about what it means to follow Jesus and given hints and suggestions for growing your faith. You will hear how a growing faith helps us to live a better life than we can even imagine.

You don’t have to be an expert on church stuff to come to HDI. In fact, if you have ever thought that you didn’t know very much about your faith, then HDI is perfect for you.

HDI is for HNOJ parishioners who want to grow as disciples of Jesus. So whether you don’t really feel like you know your faith or you feel very comfortable at church, HDI has something to offer you. 

Currently, HNOJ is not planning to run HDI in the 2020-2021 ministry year. However, Chris will lead HDI if a group of at least 15 are willing to gather at HNOJ, via Zoom or at your home if social distancing can be retained.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ section below or send Chris an email.

Quick Facts about HDI  
When: To request HDI, email Chris
What: Five session study on Discipleship of Jesus Christ
Cost: Free!


Frequently Asked Questions

During HDI you will reflect on your own faith journey, learn about some ways we understand discipleship, hear scripture, hear talks, meet fellow HNOJ parishioners, discuss faith, pray in various forms, and then celebrate! Past participants have enjoyed the variety of activities while engaging material with focus and depth.

Yes! HDI is open to HNOJ parishioners and anyone they feel would find value in learning about discipleship. Invite them along! If we can get them registered, then they will have a name tag on the first night.

Missing a session isn't a huge deal. With summer vacations and busy schedules, it's difficult to find 5 weeks that will work. However, if you have to miss a bunch of sessions, then it's probably best just to wait until next time HDI is offered (this fall actually!).

We do not have the nursery staff booked currently for HDI. However, if we get requests for three or more children for each night of HDI, we can open the nursery. One thing - we need to know as far ahead of time as possible. Send Chris an email(link sends e-mail) and we will do our best to provide nursery. We will need to know by June 1st.

Nope, just 5 weeks. At the end of your time you may wish to take some small steps to grow as a disciple, and that is life-long process, but no required commitment past the 5 sessions.

No, just yourself. We will provide writing materials, handouts, and all you need for a session.

Yes. Who doesn't like snacks? We have general refreshments and bowls of snacks. The final session has a social time to celebrate our time together.