Catholic Bible Study

Hectic schedules can make it challenging to fit Bible Study and concentrated prayer into our daily lives. Beginning the third week of September, HNOJ will introduce a Catholic Bible Study that is flexible with your crazy life. Fr. William Anderson's series will introduce you to the themes, events and personalities of the Bible and serve as a historical survey of the Bible’s books and how they came to be. Bible veterans and newbies alike are welcome to participate!

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How the Bible Study Works

Bible Open You will have the option of forming a small study group or participating in your own individual study. The format includes Bible Study, group discussion and Lectio Divina (meditative prayer.) You and the members of your group will decide the structure that is most suitable for you. Each small faith group will need a contact person to bring materials and information to the group. The facilitation of the group is determined by the small faith group itself. Three different time frames can be used to guide your group meeting which will be explained in the first book. There will be a "once per book" large group meeting for all groups to come together for prayer, sharing and study. 

The study itself includes a series of 21 books (each book being approximately 6-10 sessions in length), 4 of which will be studied per year. If someone chooses to participate in the entire process, over several years they will have had read and studied each book of the Bible.

Cost and Registration

The cost to participate is $10 per person, per book. (Only $40 for the entire year.) Registration forms are available above or at the front desk. Please be sure to list the names of fellow friends or parishioners who will be a part of your study. For more information, please contact Chris Kostelc at 763-745-3489 or email Chris.

Comments from Those Who Have Participated in Fr. Anderson's Study

Bible Reading This Bible study program is one way for adults to enrich their faith and challenge themselves to learn and grow. What you learn from this experience will enrich your personal understanding of your Christian faith, helping you appreciate the stories and lessons of the Bible that have timeless relevance to our lives. The state of each of our spiritual lives is our own responsibility. By taking the time for daily prayer and challenging ourselves to learn scripture through this Bible study deepens our continued conversion experience. -Third year Bible study participant

I have very much enjoyed our current Bible study. I have participated in several and find that this one, designed by Fr. Anderson, breaks the scriptures down to be easily understood and oftentimes weaves doctrine throughout, so that the connection can be made between the Scriptures and our Catholic tradition. I am looking forward to studying the Old Testament. - Second year Bible study participant

The Bible study by Fr. William Anderson has been one of the most Spirit-filled studies I have ever taken. I really feel blessed having a wonderful group of 7 to share my feelings and insights with. -Third year Bible study participant