Ascent REFRESH Parish Wide Event

Ascent REFRESH is a one-night event for all HNOJ parishioners looking to grow their faith in 2020. 

This January 23rd event offers a chance for all of us to make intentional changes at the begining of 2020 and before Lent begins. Ascent REFRESH builds on the themes of holiness and key elements of spiritual growth, which were introduced the ASCENT All Parish Retreat.

At Ascent REFRESH, we will get to hear Fariba Roughead reprise her talk from ASCENT with more of an emphasis on the Elements of Spiritual Growth and accountability partners. We will also be able to hear five breakout speakers share about a particular element of Spiritual Growth. 

Ascent REFRESH is for ALL HNOJ parishioners and friends. If your friend, neighbor or spouse weren’t able to attend, no problem, please join us!  We are making sure that attendance at the September event is not a pre-requisite and you will have an opportunity to fully participate. For those who attended the ASCENT Retreat in September, this is your chance to refresh, revisit, and recommit to your growth.

Who: All HNOJ Parishioners

When: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, 7-9 p.m.

Where: Holy Name of Jesus

Cost: None

Questions: Contact Chris Kostelc

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to Ascent REFRESH?

If you are looking for a spiritual boost in the new year 2020 or want to better prepare for Lent next year, then Ascent REFRESH is for you. Ascent in a parish event for any and all parishioners who care about HNOJ and growing in holiness.


I didn't attend the ASCENT All Parish Retreat in September, can I still come?

Absolutely. Though this event builds on themes found in the all parish retreat, Ascent REFRESH is a stand alone event that will aid the spiritual growth of all who participate. Those who attended the retreat will benefit from a refresher of these temes. 


Will childcare be provided?

No. Due to the timing of the sessions, we won’t be able to provide childcare for this event. We do guarantee that this event will be “sitter worthy”! 


Are all welcome at Ascent REFRESH?

Yes! All are welcome at this one night event. Our time together will help all get the root of what it means to follow Jesus and be an active Catholic. 


What’s the purpose of this event?

Ascent REFRESH offers us a pause from the busyness of life and a chance to encounter Jesus Christ in a profound way. Ascent REFRESH is a  unique opportunity to explore missionary discipleship, foster personal spiritual growth and connect in fellowship with other HNOJ parishioners. If you are looking for ways to feel more like part of this dynamic parish community, join us!