Our Church, Our Family, Our Future

Our Church Our Family

The theme Our Church, Our Family, Our Future created for the 2017 Stewardship campaign is intended to highlight the value of the many programs at HNOJ, the people impacted by our community and how all of us are part of charting our future direction. The homily series (includingvideos), printed Stewardship materials, and other supporting information helps relay the deep value and current needs at HNOJ. We hope this campaign will do more than just raise awareness of giving but also give all parishioners the foundation of where we are and where we are going as a community.

HNOJ provides service to so many. Our Mass attendance is trending up, bringing more people into our wonderful parish family. Over 700 are involved in our liturgical ministries, small faith groups and weekly bible studies. Over 1,000 benefit from our faith formation programs, while more than 500 adults deepened their connections with our first family retreat, MOPS, small groups, annual Cana Dinner and other programs. Over 1,200 volunteers are involved in 70+ ministries to serve those in our local and extended community.

To sustain our staff, programs and ministries, HNOJ is faced with a financial challenge. Over the last four years, our average giving per parishioner has been flat while our expenses have continued to increase. We have pulled from our reserves to cover our growing expenses while trimming costs where appropriate. We can address this challenge by increasing our Sunday offertory collection. Increasing our offertory will allow us to continue the mission of our church without operating in a deficit.

There are 3 key things we would like to have you pray on.

  1. The parish goal is to raise a minimum of $150,000 over and above the giving from last year.
  2. Pray over your commitment for the upcoming Stewardship campaign.
  3. Help us by talking to other parishioners and encourage them to respond to the upcoming Stewardship campaign.

HNOJ has been built on a solid foundation by generations before us, and we recognize that it is our turn to ensure that this parish flourishes within the community for this generation and the next. This is Our Church, Our Family and Our Future.

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act." Proverbs 3:27

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Fr. Steve's "Our Family" Homily October 15, 2017

Parishioner Video's from this homily series:

Mike Wall's Parish Address Oct. 29

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