What’s a homily series? It’s one message that develops over the course of several weeks. It’s an opportunity for each of us to dive deeper into scripture without having to join a separate study or group. We hope it is something worth inviting a friend to, worth inviting your children, your neighbors, or your parents to.

The Bare Minimum

a two part homily series.

What’s the least I can do to get to heaven? For most of us heaven seem to be a very distant reality, assuming we believe it is a reality. This makes the thought of preparing for heaven seem like something to get to eventually, maybe at another point in life. Yet, over these two weeks we find two Gospel stories of those who are woefully unprepared for the end of their lives. In fact, even the preparations they have made aren’t even the correct preparations. Over the next two weeks, The Bare Minimum will explore how the least we can do is actually more than we’ve expected.

November 12 - I do not know you


Listen to Fr. Evans Homily

November 19 - I knew you were demanding