Pints and the Padre

Pints padre 2017.

You know that feeling when the conversation around a table full of satisfying food and beverage reaches its fever pitch and the friends gathered are both relaxed and completely stimulated at the same time? It's that moment when a simple conversation transforms into something more.

Pints and the Padre seeks to fill the lives of HNOJ's young adults with these moments. We can all go to happy hour, but Pints and the Padre seeks to transform those conversations into something fulfilling, fun, and profound. Once a month we are gathering young adults at a local restaurant to have these kinds of transformative conversations with our own Fr. Bryce Evans. 

Pints and the Padre Schedule

  • September 26 - 7:30-9 p.m. - Jake's in Plymouth
    • Topic - Pennsylvania, McCarrick, Vigano - What is a faithful Catholic to do about the crisis?
  • October 24 - 7:30-9 p.m. - Jake's in Plymouth
    • Topic - Can Halloween be saved? Can a faithful Catholic still celebrate Halloween?
  • Novemeber 28 - Jake's in Plymouth
    • Topic - Good Enough. How do we reconcile the tension between God's love & God's invitation to be better?

What you need to know about Pints and the Padre

  • Scheduled Topics - Fr. Evans has pre-schedule the next 3 session's topics. That way you know ahead of time what we are going to be discussing and can come better prepared to fully engage. You can check out the summer topics below.
  • Clear Format - We've worked out a new format that allows more time for people to get to know each other, time for your questions about faith & life, and a more focused discussion. 
  • Location - This fall we'll be meeting at Jake's in Plymouth. Why not try a new place?
  • HNOJ will pick up the tab on appetizers and each person will be responsible for their own beverages. 
  • If you've ever questioned your faith or disagreed with a church teaching, Pints and the Padre is a safe place to raise those questions. No judgment on questions, just clear, truthful, faithful answers. 

Basic Info

  • Who: Young Adults 21-35, bring anyone you'd like. 
  • Where: Varies, see schedule below
  • What: Share a conversation, food, and maybe a pint with Fr. Bryce Evans. Fr. Evan will bring a question, and we will ask all the questions we want. 
  • Cost: Appetizers are provided, but everyone is responsible for their own beverages.
  • When: Most gatherings will be from 7:30-9 p.m. on Wednesday evenings (some Sunday events too)

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