HNOJ Quad Small Groups

HNOJ Quad Small Groups

HNOJ Quads Logo and CoffeeLonging for more? Desiring growth in the spiritual life? Seeking fellowship in a Catholic Christian community? If you're looking for a committed way to dive deeper into an apostolic group, join a Quad!

A Quad small group is made up of 4 adults of the same sex who make a commitment to each other for about one year. The purpose of these small groups is to study the scriptures, help each member grow in fellowship with each other,  to grow in personal relationship with Jesus, and to build profound and deeply rooted discipleship habits. 

The curriculum is easy to follow.  It is 44 weeks, so it allows flexibility for summer months, holidays, etc.  It has elements of scripture study with insightful, practical application of faith into realities of life.

If you have questions about this ministry don’t hesitate to email Tim Lyngdal at


Quads are Different

This is not just another small group program or Bible study.

Here’s what makes Discipleship Quads different than anything else you’ll find:

  • The size of the Quad is four men or four women allowing for a greater intimacy among members.
  • Choosing who to invite into a Quad is discerned through prayer.
  • There is a rotation of who is the designated "host" during the Quad’s time together.
  • Fellowship is a meaningful part of the experience.
  • The high-quality curriculum is developed by the Franciscan University and is inexpensive and ready to go (available on or at HNOJ for $20 for the entire Quad).

  • This model has had over three decades of success. Groups that have piloted the program at HNOJ have experienced the powerful transformation in the faith lives of members.

Quad Curriculum 

Click here to watch a video introducing Quads.

Click here to view the Quads Curriculum.


FAQs about Quads

Q: I am interested in being in a Quad, what is next?

If you already know 3 other people of same sex who also want to join, invite them to fill out the online registration form.

 If you are searching for members, then

1) Pray!

Begin by asking God to put the names of people that He wants you to invite to the Quad. Keep in mind that the people who will commit to meeting weekly should have the desire to grow in Christ. Make a list of every name that comes to you.  Ask God to give you clarity and pay attention to the names that stand out.

2) Invite

Once convicted that you are called to invite a person, set up a time to talk to her or him.  During the meeting, explain why you are excited to start a Discipleship Quad group and be ready to explain the basics of the Quad (4 people of same sex, meet weekly for study of Quad curriculum, and fellowship).  Assure the person that there is no pressure to say yes.  If the person says no, don’t worry, God will provide another person.  Agree on how and when to follow-up.  

What if I don’t know others to invite and need help?

We intend to promote the Quad Discipleship and will be encouraging parishioners to register online and can help form groups.  

What happens during the summer months, holidays or when folks are traveling?  The group is fully in charge of the schedule and where to meet, etc.  You can agree together how to handle those situations.  For example, you can skip the meeting or perhaps the person can call in (video or audio), etc.