HNOJ Quad Small Groups

HNOJ Quad Small Groups

HNOJ Quads Logo and CoffeeLonging for more? Desiring growth in the spiritual life? Seeking fellowship in a Catholic Christian community? Join a Quad!

A Quad small group is made up of 4 adults who make a commitment to each other for exactly one year. The purpose of these groups is to help each member examine themselves, grow in desire to know and love Jesus, and to build profound and deeply rooted discipleship habits. We will be using a curriculum developed and extensively tested by the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. HNOJ has several groups already using this curriculum and found that is has produced great fruit. 

We'd love for you to join us in growing in fellowship, faith, and discipleship. 

If you have questions about this ministry don’t hesitate to email Bernie.


Quads are Different

This is not just another small group program or Bible study. Here’s what makes Discipleship Quads different than anything else you’ll find:

  • The size of the Quad is four, including the Coordinator, allowing for a greater intimacy among members.
  • Choosing who to invite into a Quad is discerned through prayer.
  • There is a rotation of leadership during the Quad’s time together.
  • Fellowship is a meaningful part of the experience.
  • This model has had over three decades of success.
  • It is all free of charge… There’s no cost to you!

Quad Curriculum 

Click here to watch a video introducing Quads.

Click here to view the Quads Curriculum .

FAQs about Quads

When will Quads kick off?  We are striving for a mid-January kick-off date for Quads. However, it is ideal that we fill all open spots in Quads (4 adults needed) in order to begin, so this may delay the start date, but we are hopeful. Our goal is to start with 5 groups of 4.

Do I need to find others to join my quad or will HNOJ help me?  The short answer is, both are correct. Since there is so much power and value in a personal invitation, we are encouraging those who come to us interested in joining a quad, but don’t yet have 3 additional people to join them, to reach out to others in their circle of friends first. Stepping out in courage to invite someone into this ministry with you may seem scary, but it is the Quad way, and the best approach to disciples making disciples. However, be not afraid, we are here to help you. There is room for crafting groups based on demographics, and we will be happy to help find a Quad for you.

What happens during the summer months when folks are traveling?  You are encouraged to meet virtually instead of missing a meeting. You can also plan with the others in your group, and possibly consider squeezing two sessions into one during the summer or just from time to time scheduling meetings every other week for that part of the year. However, not ideal, it can be done if you are truly committed to the group, and desire to make this experience the best it can be for you and the others in your group. 

Can I invite a non-Catholic to join a Quad?  Being Catholic is not a prerequisite to joining a Quad, but the content of the lessons is explicitly Catholic. As long as people understand that the content will be Catholic, have a desire to grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith, and are able to commit to the elements in the Discipleship Quad Commitment, they are more than welcome to be in a Quad. Depend on God’s guidance when deciding who to invite.

What happens if someone in the Quad decides that they cannot continue for the entire 12 months? If it is early in the process (during the first month or two) you could add another person to fill the spot. Go back through the process of praying about who to invite. If it is more than two months into the time the Quad has been meeting together, just stay with a group of three people and do not add another person. The intimacy among Quad members has been formed too much at this point, so it would be difficult to bring a new person into it.