Rummage Sale

The HNOJ Rummage Sales Have Been Canceled

Rummage Sale - Closing a Chapter

Article in the March 2023 Newsletter:

The Holy Name of Jesus Rummage Sale has been a June event from 1983 until 2019. All these years the sale has allowed all of you to clean out your closets and provided inexpensive shopping opportunities to our community. The money raised has allowed you all to benefit organizations in our community that served women and children. It has also just been an occasion for our parish faith community to work together for the common good and have a great time doing it. Hundreds of you have volunteered for the sale over the years. Thank you!

However, the rummage sale has come to the end of its run for a variety of reasons. These days resources for getting rid of the remaining goods at the end of the sale have evaporated, so that task has become exceedingly difficult and expensive. Many more organizations that accept your donations have appeared, giving you plenty of places to donate your unwanted things. And our parish and school are so busy even in the summer that there is just not any time that the sale can take over the campus the way it used to. Lastly, our current maintenance staff is stretched thin and unable to handle the extra work and inevitable damage to the building that the sale generated.

The HNOJ rummage sale committee thanks the Holy Name of Jesus faith community for its support all these years, the use of the facility, the work of the staff in support of the sale and the countless volunteer hours donated to this terrific project. We are all sorry to see the sale go, but accept that things change. We have no doubt that you will all find other worthy groups to donate your goods and give of your time generously to. It’s been a great 36 years!

The HNOJ Rummage Sale Committee
Karen and Pat Karn, Mary Jo Zidwick, Shirley Schneider, Lani Schlundt, Mike Kayser, Karen Hayes, Beth Dust, Glenna Slattery and Bobbi Stinge