Speaker Series

HNOJ Speaker Series


Past Talks

Below you will find the previous talks in the HNOJ Speaker Series. Many of these have been recorded. To request access to the recording and follow up information, please email Chris and let him know which talk you would like to view. 

Feb. 23, 2021: Fr. Steve Ulrick - "Spiritual Famine, Spiritual Food: The Necessity of the Eucharistic Celebration"

March 22, 2021: Ryan O'hara - "Creating a Culture Where We Can Thrive." 

Oct. 22:  Matt Birk - An HNOJ Men’s Event in the main church. 

Nov. 12:  Fariba Roughead - "The Science and Theology of Happiness" in the Good Samaritan Center

Dec. 18: Jon Hickman - "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Looking at the Star of Bethlehem Event”

Jan. 12: Fr. Colin Jones - "How Catholics Read the Bible"