Faith Formation in a Specially Designed Classroom

Faith Formation in a Specially Designed Classroom (SDC) for the 2020-2021 School Year:

For children with learning differences which make education about our faith a challenge in an integrated classroom, we offer Faith Formation in a Specially Designed Classroom.


Classes meet in the Youth Lounge from 9-10 a.m. on these dates:

Jan 17, 31

Feb 7, 21

Mar 7, 21

April 11, 25

May 2, 16

The Registration fee for Faith Formation in a Specially Designed Classroom is $85. 
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Specially Designed Classroom
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Little popes Classes will run every other week
There is a special focus on the meaning of the Mass and each week's Gospel message as well as some of the most basic tenants of our Catholic Faith.  Those of you who are preparing a child with learning differences for Sacraments such as First Communion, Reconciliation or Confirmation will find this class to be a good pairing with Sacramental instruction in the home. Even if your child is not seeking a Sacrament, the specially designed classroom is a great place for these children to come and seek out God in an inclusive and loving environment. Curriculum materials come from a variety of resources including the Loyola Press Sacramental Instruction Kits for students with learning differences as well as the Alive in Christ curriculum offered by Our Sunday Visitor.

This class is not age specific.  Children in any grade level are welcome to attend. 

Questions regarding this program should be directed to Theresa Reichert, Children's Faith Formation Coordinator, via e-mail or 763-745-3483.