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There are many opportunities to share your gifts through the Liturgy. Expand each area for details; complete the form below and the ministry lead will contact you with more information.

Liturgical Ministry Sign up

There is a significant need for more Sacristans operators at the 5 p.m. Saturday liturgy, especially during winter months. Serve the community by using your skill to enhance the Liturgy with effective sound production and video recording. Volunteers operate the projector to display messages, parishioner responses and song lyrics during Mass. Sign up to run the projector at one of our weekend Masses or during special liturgies (such as Holy Week). Training is provided. Ministers are scheduled as needed. Contact: Caroline Fazzio.

Sacristans work behind the scenes preparing items used during our liturgical celebrations, including hosts, wine, vessels, linens, vestments, etc. A training session is required. Sacristans serve at least once a month. We are also in need of sacristans for funeral liturgies. Purpose of Ministry: Sacristans are charged with the care of the Sacristy, the altar and preparing the Sacred Vessels before and after Mass. They prepare the vessels and articles used during Mass. The Sacristan is responsible for Reposing Christ in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel during all the regular liturgies at Holy Name of Jesus Church. Other duties may include addiitonal sacramental preparation and sacristy/sanctuary/worship space preparation as needed. Sacristans provide service at the daily, school, Sunday and funeral Masses. Time Commitment: Approximately 30 minutes before mass and 30 minutes after the Mass you are serving at. Desired scheduling is approximately one Sunday per month. Occasional scheduled training per Sacristan Coordinator due to changes requested. Contact: Roseanna Bradford, 612-201-359

There is a significant need for more Sunday Hospitality ministers at our 10:30 a.m. Sunday Liturgy. This ministry is a great way to meet your fellow parishioners. Looking for any singles, couples, or families willing to commit to serving coffee and donuts once a month, or once every other month after the Sunday Masses. No experience necessary--we will train you! Why not team together with neighbors or friends and join this fun ministry? Contact: Chuck Hartfiel

The Liturgical Environment Committee Wants You! We are seeking your helping hands to keep Holy Name of Jesus beautiful as the liturgical seasons change. Our crew comes together 10-12 times per year to changes banners, flower pots, set up Nativity scenes and more. Be on our call list, no obligation. Here are ways you can help: · Join us for three-hour daytime shifts, snacks included. · Join us for the larger Christmas and Easter setups, lunch included. · Join our committee for planning, design, scheduling, etc. Contact us for more information: Sherry Proulx 612-418-9784 Martha Long 763-331-5349

Altar servers assist the priest and deacon during Mass and learn about the Eucharist as they participate in this special way. This service opportunity is open to 4th to 6th-grade children or older. There is an annual training event. Altar servers are scheduled for approximately one Mass per month. Contact: Dave Rahe.

There is a significant need for more ushers operators at the 5 p.m. Saturday liturgy. An usher is a person with a sense for liturgical prayer and a gift for hospitality. Ushers greet people warmly as they direct them to a seat. They pass out the Worship Aides before Mass and Weekly Bulletin Announcements after Mass. They take up the offering and care for any needs during the liturgy. Contact: David Biek, 612-961-5340

When couples celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony at HNOJ they are assigned a wedding coordinator to make sure all of the details are in place for a smooth celebration of the Sacrament. The goal of the wedding coordinator ministry is to help the wedding couple in conducting a wedding with respect to Church liturgical guidelines and general wedding etiquette. The coordinator will work with the bride, groom, priest, wedding party, musicians, florists and photographers with the details necessary to keep the wedding running smoothly and on schedule. If you are someone who enjoys planning and executing events and has attention to detail this ministry may be for you. There is a stipend provided by the wedding couple for this ministry. Currently, there is a need for 2-3 additional wedding coordinators. Contact Pat Freeberg at 612-803-6130 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion share Christ with the parish community by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. This service opportunity is open to confirmed high school students and adults. A training session is required. Eucharistic ministers serve at Mass as needed. Sign up before Mass. Contact: Caitlyn Rosendahl.

Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord at all Masses. Lectors are also responsible for preparing the gifts collected at Mass for Monday's accounting team after Mass has ended. Rehearsing each assigned reading is required during a practice session held at 7 p.m. in the church the Monday evening prior to the Mass.

Contact: Joni Gibbs, 763-350-2504

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