Small Groups

Holy Name of Jesus is a large and blessed community. We have lots of opportunities and many parishioners. Sometimes its hard to find real community and authentic friendships in such a large place. 


Small Groups at HNOJ is the answer. 

We are in a multi-year process of developing a robust, parish wide, small group ministry.

The goal is simple, to provide small groups that reach out to engage and grow disciples in the HNOJ Catholic Community.

We have spent the last year researching best practices and investigating what it would mean to implement a wide ranging small group model here at HNOJ.

Now, we are thrilled to invite you to be part of the next step in the process - Pilot Small Groups.

This fall we will be launching 6-8 "Pilot" groups. Groups of 8-12 of people interested in a small group experience. These groups will grow together over the next few months and we will see what small group life looks like here in our parish. Though we have a wide variety of types of groups, we have a very limited number of groups and spots in groups. This small number of groups allows us to perfect the process before we grow larger. When the time comes, HNOJ will seek to provide a small group for every member of our parish.

Small Groups for all is a lofty goal, but one we believe God has called us to. With the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, we know God will provide all we need to grow disciples at HNOJ.

Pilot Small Groups

You can join the journey this fall at HNOJ by trying out a Pilot Small Group. We are offering 8 Pilot groups that will test the waters of small group life at HNOJ. 


In a Pilot Small Group, you will:

  • Meet people like you at HNOJ
  • Develop authentic friendships
  • Grow your faith in God. 

New Groups September 2016

We have several new groups. All are excited to welcome new members.

             Who                                                When                                 

1. Empty Nest Couples                                 Sunday Nights Monthly                                        Couples group to pray for adults children, particularly those children who have left the faith.

Get connected to one of these groups by emailing or calling (763-745-3489) Chris. Chris will connect you with the small group facilitators.


Currently Meeting Small Groups

The 8 Pilot Groups can be found below. Groups are organized first by “affinity” as in who each group is designed for. The general schedule and content are included as well.

All groups are accepting new members, email Chris for more information.






Mothers of Young Children

4th Thursday 7-9 pm

Life and Faith discussed


Young Men interested in Sports

Sats 9-10:30, biweekly

Pick-up Sports + Discussion


Senior (55+) Bible Study

Monday 10-11:30, weekly

Sunday Scripture


Young Couples (Married or Engaged)

Tues, 6:30-8:30, biweekly

Food, discussion, & Sunday Scripture


Women of all ages

Weds mornings, weekly

Scripture Study


Moms of Adult Children

Mon or Tues, 7-8:30, biweekly

Book on sharing faith with adult children


Young Couples with Children

Tues, 8-9:30, Men & Women Alternate biweekly

Fellowship + Sunday Scriptures


Young Women

Thurs, 7-9, Monthly

Book Club


Sign up for a group!

Contact Chris via email or 763-745-3489 and express which small group you are interested in joining. 

Want more information or looking to start your own HNOJ Small Group?
Contact Chris via Email.