Lectio on the Lawn

Lectio on the Lawn – Summer Bible Study with Deacon Bill Duffert (and Chris)

This summer, HNOJ is offering a new summer Bible study with Deacon Bill Duffert and Chris Kostelc. We will be taking some time to pray with the Sunday gospel reading, learn a little bit about it from a brief talk, and then discuss how this applies to our lives. We are calling it Lectio on the Lawn.

We will meet at HNOJ outside, in the space between the Old Church and the New Church where the Peace Pole garden is, where we normally hold the watchfire at Easter time.

We’ll meet for about an hour. There won’t be any homework (it’s summer, people). And we will be using the Lectio Divina Prayer form to unpack the upcoming Sunday gospel. We are doing this to better prepare for Mass and to get into the habit of reading the gospel in preparation. We will have a little fun too.


  • All adults and Confirmed teens
  • Facilitated Deacon Bill and Chris Kostelc


  • Meet at HNOJ and do Lectio on the Lawn with everyone bringing their own chair, etc.
    • Option 1: Peace Pole garden in between New and Old Church (watchfire) See Map below. 
    • Option 2: Parking lot - We will only move here if the size of group grows too large for Option 1. 
    • Rain Out: Zoom


  • 7 weeks, Wednesdays, June 24 – Aug 5, from 7-8 p.m. (rolling sign-ups)
    • June 24
    • July 1
    • July 8
    • July 15
    • July 22
    • July 29
    • Aug 5


  • Lectio Divina of upcoming Sunday Gospel + 10 min Teaching + Loose Discussion/QA
  • Light Summer Bible Study


  • Free!
  • Registration is ongoing throughout the summer. We would appreciate you registering before attending. 

COVID-19 Particulars and What to Bring

  • Outdoor
    • Rainouts will be zoom meetings. We will make a decision by 3 p.m. and email the link
  • Social distance – people living together can sit together, but otherwise, 6 feet apart, please
  • Masks are welcome
  • Bring your own chair
  • Bring your own Bible
  • Handouts will be emailed
  • Bring your own Bible/Sunday readings on a phone or another mobile device (we will text links)
  • Stay home if you are sick
Lectio Map

Register and join us here on campus, in person, for Lectio on the Lawn on Wednesdays this Summer.