Marriage Speaker

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I married?” Maybe you have after your spouse does that one thing that really bugs you. All joking aside, there are things we do in life, like marriage, that we engage in without often stopping to think about why we do them. If you ever wondered about the purpose of marriage or if you’v never thought about it, but you’d like to be more purposeful in loving your spouse, HNOJ has the event for you. 

Marriage experts Debbie and Peter Herbeck will share a talk entitled,  “Marriage on a Mission: Marriage and Family Life,” at HNOJ on Friday, Nov. 19. Their engaging presentation is perfect for all married couples at any stage of marriage. Whether you've been married a month or 63 years, your marriage will greatly benefit from their wisdom and joy!

In addition to the talk, we will have take-home materials and a special treat for each married couple to go home and unpack the beautiful message from the Herbecks. 

Questions or want to help with the night? Contact Chris via email or at 763-745-3489.

Basic Info:
When: 7-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19, 2021
Where: HNOJ in the main Church
What: Marriage talk “Marriage on a Mission”
Who: All married couples
Cost: $25 - Newly married (less than a year) and engaged couples are free! 

Registration is now closed. We may have a few open spots - Email Chris to check.