Virtual Confirmation Meeting

April 22 Virtual Meeting for Candidates & Sponsors (Complete anytime between 4/22 and 5/6)

Due to COVID-19, we will not have our April 22 Confirmation Preparation Meeting, which was for candidates, sponsors, and parents. Instead, we will provide a virtual experience for teens and sponsors to connect. 

Anytime between Wednesday April 22 and Wednesday, May 6, Confirmation students and sponsors should view the assigned videos/links and complete the corresponding questions which are posted below. The entire experience should not exceed an hour. (If it is impossible for teens and sponsors to connect, a parent can take the place of the sponsor). 

Instructions for Confirmation Candidates and Sponsors:

Part 1: 
Watch the video, "What Constitutes a Practicing Catholic?" below. Then answer questions 1-4 (follows videos)

Part 2: 
Watch the video, "What Happens at Confirmation?" below. Then answer questions 5-13 (follows videos).

Once you've completed all 13 questions, press submit. 
(Note: A submission is only needed from Confirmation candidates; no need for sponsors to submit anything)

What Constitutes a Practicing Catholic?

What Constitutes a Practicing Catholic?

What Happens at Confirmation?

CHOSEN What Happens at Confirmation



Virtual Confirmation Meeting from 3/18

Year 2 Confirmation Students:  Please view the video below and answer the questions in the form following by April 1st. Since we planned to meet for an hour and fifteen minutes, the viewing/answering should not exceed that amount of time. Please contact Ashley with questions: | cell: 952-693-8151

Witnesses of Faith Video

Virtual Confirmation Meeting- Witnesses of Faith

Virtual Confirmation Meeting Reflection Questions